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Plastic Woven Bags
Mar 16, 2017

Plastic woven bag as the main material for polypropylene bags, polythene bags according to stitch into seam bottom bag, stitch bottom bag. Widely used in the fertilizer packaging materials, chemical products and other items. The main production is the use of plastic materials extrusion film, cut, one-way stretch of flat, after weft woven product, commonly referred to as bags.

Method of making

Plastic flat yarn, woven industry abbreviation: flat wire, also called cutting fibers, it is the production of plastic woven material of the basic materials, flat wire by a specific variety of polypropylene, polyethylene resin by melt extrusion film, then cut lengthwise into strips, articles while heated after drawing orientation stereotypes, eventually winding into flat spindles, for weaving fabric.

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