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Have A Look
Mar 16, 2017

1, the bag is full, arc automatically pasted pingsheng, angle for symmetry, fabrics for any visible defects, clean and tidy.

2, stitch stitch needle, needle, needle jumping phenomenon spills.

3, mark is indicated on the manufacturer's name, address and product materials, and so on.

Second, try:

1, the zipper pull is smooth

2, carrying handle, solid strap closure (hand pulled)

3, whether it can be uncomfortable to hold

4, support on the back of the bag should be soft and elastic buffer, bear pressure concentration should not appear when edges.

5, the bag should not be back neck

6, bag length should be able to adjust and lock securely.

Third, pay attention to:

Bags installed on plastic and metal parts should be no sharp edge and Burr on the surface, so as not to damage human hook or bad in used clothing

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