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Environmental Hazards
Mar 16, 2017

To produce 1 ton of plastic, takes 3 tons of oil. My annual solid waste entering the landfill of waste plastic to the landfill 3%-5% weight, mostly plastic shopping bag waste, in particular the thickness of ultra-thin plastic bags less than 0.025 mm.

Waste plastic in nature is not easy to degrade, resulting in long-term, the potential for ecological and environmental problems. A is abandoned plastic packaging real mixed in soil in the, easy caused soil harden, effect crop absorption nutrient and water, led to crop production; II is abandoned in land or water in the of waste plastic packaging real, was animal as food swallow into, led to animal death of event common; three is mix life garbage in the of abandoned plastic hard processing, mixed has abandoned plastic of life garbage does not apply for compost processing, sorting out of waste plastic also for cannot guarantee quality and hard using.

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