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Difference Between Non Woven Bags And Plastic Bags
Aug 28, 2017

Several years ago, we shopped with disposable plastic bags, but they have gradually phased out from the shopping bags market, and been replaced by non woven bags. In the age which bans on free plastic bags, non woven bags have become an important part of our life. The main reason why plastic bags pose a threat to the environment is that they cannot degrade in a very long time. Non woven bags overcome this shortcoming. 

According to environmental expert, most non woven bags on the market are made of polypropylene, while traditional plastic bags are made of polyethylene. Although these two materials have similar name, they have totally distinct chemical constructions. Polyethylene’s chemical molecular construction has strong stability, extremely hard to degrade, so plastic bags cost 300 years to degrade completely. While polypropylene has unstable chemical construction, and fragile molecular chains, non woven bags can effectively degrade within 90 days. Besides, a non woven bag can be used over 10 times, but its pollution to the environment is only 10% of that of a plastic bag.

A non woven bag is made of spun bond non woven polypropylene (PP) cloth which is 100% recyclable. It decomposes without problems and burns completely without toxic contaminants. Notably, PVC coating and water is absent in manufacturing this synthetic compound compared to making paper which uses much water. These facts make this bag the better alternative to plastic or paper bags for daily use.

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