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Printing process
Mar 16, 2017

Introduction to printing

Non-woven bag generally used screen printing, it is often said that the "screen", which is also a lot of manufacturers of the more common printing process. Manual printing, due to smell the printing, full color is easy to fall off, so the emergence of many new nonwoven printing, here we introduce several mainstream market:


Due to its water use to play named after the mortar as the printing medium, more common in textile printing, also known as printed. Printing elastic glue pastes and aqueous mixed. Printed version without chemical solvents, can be washed directly. Tinting strength of its characteristics are good, with strong covering power and fastness, washing, there was virtually no odor. Generally used for printing: canvas bags, cotton bags.

Intaglio printing

The finished products produced by this method is usually called lamination non-woven bags. This process includes two steps, that is using traditional intaglio printing graphics from print to film, then technology will be printed with a pattern of thin-film composite non-woven fabric. Large-area color printing nonwoven bags using this technology. Which is characterized by fine print, full use of machine production, short production cycle. Products with excellent waterproof performance, and durability of the finished product is better than other production of non-woven bags. Choice of films both light and Matt, Matt matte effect! The generous fashion, durability, color and full picture vividness, the disadvantage is more expensive.

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