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Geotechnical Engineering
Mar 16, 2017

From the 80 's development since the geotextile, broadens the application of plastic woven material, widely used in small water conservancy, electric power, roads, railways, ports, mining buildings, military construction. In these projects, geo-synthetic materials with filtration, drainage, strengthen, isolation, impervious features such as plastic geotextile is a synthetic geotechnical materials.

Tourist transport

Tourism in the makeshift tents, umbrellas, bags, travel bags, plastic weaving applications. Wide range of tarpaulins covering materials for transport and storage, instead of easily rotten tarpaulin heavy cotton fabric. Construction of the fence, nets is also widely used in plastic woven material. Common are: logistics, logistics and packaging bags, cargo bags, cargo bags

Articles for daily use

Work, farming, shipping, plastic woven products for most of the market, shop, warehouse, House, plastic woven products are everywhere. Carpet pads were replaced by plastic woven material, such as shopping bags, shopping bags, reusable shopping bags in the supermarket; cargo bags used for logistics and transport, logistics and woven bags. 6, flood control materials

Flood can not lack of sacks, dams, River, rail, road construction also missing no bags. Anti-woven bags, drought preparedness and woven bags, flood prevention bags!

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