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Flat wire
Mar 16, 2017

Including: raw materials modified sex, total mixed, coloring, fill, preparation, anti-aging, anti-degradation problem, extrusion process of temperature, pressure, flow regulation control and the extrusion process of rheological behavior, power, produced rate problem, led stretch process of traction than, blow expansion than, led stretch than, Crystal cooling, orientation, heat treatment stereotypes problem, winding process in the of forming and the spindles of quality detection, technology problem.

Flat wire, also known as the yarn, it is plastic woven material in the production of the first process is the most important step.

Flat wire production process there are two methods-film forming method, it tube film peace film, according to the film-cooling, air cooling, water cooling and cold drawing heated hot plate, hot rollers, hot air, press bobbin winding formation has concentrated Cycloid winding, winding spindle torque motor, magnetic winding.

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